We invite you to a great excursion that can widen your knowledge in many different topics and will be an unforgettable experience. Please keep in mind, that the excursion is not suitable for tourists, not for individuals with focus on sportive events or other kinds of recreation or without ability to work in a team.

Participation on the excursion is possible only on own risk because the organization does not follow commercial purposes and is dedicated to support knowledge dissemination only as it is usual for university life. Nevertheless, the excursion fee includes usual insurances.

Decision about participation by the organizers in Germany and Russia follows professional aims only. Participation of other people needs in an individual agreement until end of January 2017. The same is related to participants able and wishing to work as interpreters during excursion for reduced fee and having both Russian and German or English language knowledges.

The role of Apollo e.V.

Apollo e.V. (Ltd) takes the responsibility for group organization and travelling to Russia only. The participant management is carried out mainly by not experienced students wishing to participate on excursion for reduced excursion fee. Their tasks include distribution of information, communication management of participants, organization of invitations to Russia, visa application, organization of flights, clearing up organizational questions in Germany and communicate wishes and demands of German participants to the service team in Russia headed by Dr. Pavel Barsukov from Institute of Soil Science in Novosibirsk.

Travel to Russia

All participants need to travel from Gemany (most probably Berlin) to Siberia (most probably to Tomsk, Novosibirsk or Barnaul) by plane in dependency from offers preselected by the organizers in Germany with consideration of wishes of participants, availability of tickets, prices etc.. Divergences should be agreed in a special agreement with Apollo e.V. The organizational responsibility of Apollo e.V. ends with the arrival of the group in Russia.

The service team in Russia

Inside of Russia, the excursion is managed by a well-trained service team with over 20 years of experience what guarantees a safe environment and best possible individual care even under permanent field conditions. The excursion carries out as a self-serving expedition with permanent stay in field conditions over 3 weeks. Therefore, all participants should be equipped with their own tents and camping gear. Furthermore, the local nature conditions require transport during the summer schools by several busses and trucks.

The Russian service team is responsible for organization of invitations to Russia, registration after arrival on local authorities and all other bureaucratic stuff inside of Russia. Furthermore, it will prepare fresh meals every day which will be based on Russian and other local recipes and made from regional products only. This includes supply with fruits and vegetables for vegetarians who can participate on the excursion on agreement with organizers without extra costs. However, the claim of European or preserved food is excluded for several reasons (e.g. much higher costs and lower quality).

The Russian service team would appreciate to be informed about your wishes latest 3 months before starting the excursion. With excellent didactics, high language skills and outstanding professional competence the Siberian scientific guides like to give you deep insights into the different landscapes and to provoke new ways of thinking and sharing of own professional experiences offered between participants. The participants will have the exceptional chance to enjoy nearly undisturbed nature by means of hearing, walking barefoot, touching, smelling, and even tasting.

The service team carries out all cleaning work at the camp sites. However, the stuff member appreciate your support where and when it seems necessary. This holds true especially e.g. for loading and unloading of individual baggage, in case of suddenly changes in weather conditions, for procurement of firewood for camp fires on evening on wishes of participants, and on similar not scheduled happenings.

Surrounded by nature

The scientific sites are located near the campgrounds or can be reached by short hiking tours without luggage. There are three opportunities for small trekking tours (3 - 7 hours duration) across the world biggest raised bog, on the top of Sarlyk (a mountain nearby the Seminsky pass in Altai) and walking around on the most southern point of the excursion nearby Kokorja (small village in the most beautiful site of the Altai mountains). These events are not a part of the educational program and will carried out in good weather conditions only (alternative program for participants who do not want to participate will be organized).


The conversation during the expedition will be in English. In a few case a simultaneous translation from Russian to English or German will be supplied. For this purposes one interpreter can participate on excursion for reduced excursion fee on agreement with Apollo e.V..


Considering the current situation in Russia, organizational peculiarities and other conditions we are calculating at the time a maximum of costs of around 3500 € for 3 weeks of excursion including flight, expenditure for visa, insurances, salary for Russian scientists, transportation and all other expenses inside of Russia. Costs for specific individual demands of participants are not included (e.g. souvenirs, alcoholic drinks).

About any changes you will be informed before deadline of binding participation which is usually determined by the early booking of flights (see time schedule).