If you are interested to participate please send an email to:

with following information:

- theme of the letter: Siberia 2017

- full name (as given in your passport) with academic degree if available

- profession or fields of knowledges

- Address and telephone (private or business)

- current focus on work and official position or your fields of interests in research. Alternatively, please send us up to 10 sentences describing your motivation for participation

All data will be in use for purposes of excursion organization only and not transmitted to third parties.

Registration as an interested party implies the acceptance of the expeditionary nature of the excursion. This includes a guarantee for physical and mental health from your side as well as a minimum ability for teamwork. The continental climate, the changing travel conditions and sleeping in tents could be the major constraint. Any health restrictions or individual habits should not hamper the group activities.

Non-binding registration

The registration as a possible participant helps to inform you about the excursion program including possible modifications, about deadlines for the binding registration as a participant and about other questions related to the excursion organization.